After School Programs – International Camps – Seminars – Events


We believe in Play, Passion, Purpose! Our after school and camp programs provide students a safe, fun, confidence-boosting, and imaginative space for them to learn not only contents (math, science, engineering, coding, robotics, creative writing, digital media, art creation), but also 21st century survival skills that include creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration.

Our teaching philosophy embrace Growth Mindset, Design Thinking, Problem Based Learning, Social Emotional Learning to help our students discover joy, passion, and purpose in their learning.

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Parents are role models for our kids. We believe that building an inspiring, productive, and sustainable learning environment requires collaborations between parents and educators. We would like to know each family that comes to our program and we would like to share our teaching philosophy and school updates with our families frequently. We also encourage parents to share ideas and suggestions with us to make our space where kids flourish and parents thrive. Toward this goal, we created the parent monthly meetup programs.

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Besides providing programs outside of school, we also work very closely with school administrators, program coordinators, class room teachers, and in-school after school club staff to serve schools that are interested in implementing Computer Science (Robotics, Coding) programs, collaborating on STEM programs development and implementations, engaging in our international summer camp programs that include sending teachers internationally to teach during summer, or hosting international students at the school during winter.

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We actively involve in the local and global education technology community. We believe in global vision and local involvement. We have volunteered, sponsored, and participated in local, national, and international events that include the Boulder CSED Week, Rocky Mountain STEAM Fest, TCS goIT Program, STEM Inspired, Girls Engineering, National Science Teachers Association Annual Conference, International Society for Technology in Education Annual Conference. Everywhere we go, we are inspired by the amazing and innovative work educators do to make our students learning individualized, personalized, and more efficient and applicable to real life.

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